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    Janpath the photographer

    Photography Janpath

    Photography Janpath

    JANPATH photography & graphic design.

    Janpath is an independent photographer and multimedia journalist based in the Netherlands.
    He has worked in many parts of the world, with a focus on documentaries, and reports worldwide for organizations, and companies including travel/help organizations concentrated on international development and human rights.
    The technical aspect of the pictures is actually the easy part.
    The bigger challenge is engaged in a culture that is so different, different rituals, customs and traditions unprecedented.It turns to me for the image to the form and to the experience.
    On location, alone or in a full team.
    Versatility without compromise in quality.

    Janpath | Fotograaf en Grafisch vormgever.

    Documentaire fotograaf alsmede dienstverlening op het gebied van digitale beeldbewerking.
    Grafisch vormgever en ontwikkelen van concepten en productie op het gebied van grafische-
    en andere reclame-uitingen.

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    by Mobile phone: +31 (0)6 2430 8417

    Werkzaam volgens de NVF leveringsvoorwaarden 2018

    Werkzaam volgens de Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming 2018